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IT Solutions

Pick and mix your own bunch of solutions to suit your IT needs. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, we have a wide range of solutions available. Contact us if you can’t see what you want and we will come up with a bespoke solution just for you.


IT Angel/Friend

Helping you increase your knowledge, enabling and empowering you to achieve more with your technology 

Choose as many or few as you like:

SMART TV Set-up and Tutorial

Support phone/tablet

Windows Support and Tutorials

Be Secure online

You Decide

Banana IT Solutions

 IT Tutor

Helping you to navigate the technology jungle with sessions tailored to you

Topics available include:

 Windows 10

Office 365

 Using your Smartphone

Using your Tablet

 Social Media 

You Decide

Banana IT Solutions
Banana IT Solutions


“I have always found Derek a pleasure to work with. His first instinct is to be supportive, rather than confrontational, which aids many difficult conversations and situations. In addition, he has a good sense of humour which often proves an asset.” 

—  Ruth - Project Manager

Choose one solution or a whole bunch of them.
We can cater for more than we can list, so please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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